Precision Turbo PT91.5

The Precision Turbo PT91.5 represents a step into more race-oriented turbochargers that deliver the ultimate in performance.

Everything about this turbo is beefed up, from tis 91.5mm inducer compressor wheel to the internals designed to cope with the stresses of intense drag racing runs.

This turbo has seen action around the world in motorsport, and should be considered if you are the type of person who is seeking outright power, with up to 1550hp available when paired with the right motor.

The PT91.5 has been proven time and time again over the last decade – it’s one of those classic Precision Turbo units that keeps on giving.

When considering a turbocharger unit like this one, it really pays to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Do your research and talk with us first, because as Australia’s only authorised Precision Turbo dealers we can make sure you get the best bang for your buck, be it with the PT91.5 or some of its comparable brothers such as the 8891 series or the even bigger Pro Mod 88.

We have this turbo available for Australian delivery, with a 12 month factory warranty and technical support. Call +61296043643, email us, or use the form below to make an order inquiry, and remember our best price policy as Australia’s only authorised Precision Turbo dealer. We believe in speaking personally with our customers to ensure they are getting not just the best price, but also the right turbo for their engine.


• 91.5mm inducer compressor wheel
• Large frame compressor cover with a smooth, 7″ radiused inlet
• F or G trim turbine wheel
• Turbine housing options:
– G trim available with T5 Tangential 1.0, 1.32, or 1.50 A/R.
(All housings feature a 5″ OD (outer diameter) V-band discharge)
• Hydrodynamic 360° thrust bearing system