Gas Racing have been behind the success of many of Australia’s sport compact and turbo drag racers, bringing them many records and wins.

Gas Racing doesn’t like to keep secrets, all of our customers get the benefit of our years of experience.
We love seeing our customers’ rides go just as quick as our own!
Here’s a sampling of some of the projects that have emerged from the Gas Racing build house – with more to come in 2019!

Gas Racing Toyota Celica, driven by Joe Signorelli – 6.02/238mph (World Record – Auto Import)

Gas Racing Ford Mustang V8 Twin Turbo, driven by Joe Signorelli/Zoran Gajic – 5.77/258mph

Zoran Gajic BMW 2JZ – 6.48/229mph

Nathan Hagenson Toyota Camry 2JZ – 6.35/223mph

Lou Cosentino Mazda RX7 2JZ – 6.63/208mph

Frank Tarabay Toyota Supra 2JZ – 6.94/208mph (world’s fastest full-bodied street Supra and top 10 quickest radial import in the world)

Karl Hammoud Toyota Scion 2JZ – 7.2/185mph

Po Tung Toyota Supra 2JZ – 7.04/208mph (28×10.5 tyre record)

Eshay Vega GAS275 Mazda RX2 2JZ – 7.72/173mph

Tony Grgich Mazda RX2 2JZ – 7.71/177mph (Member Workshop Wars Winning Team for 2018 Series)

Rob Tarabay Mazda RX3 2JZ – 7.63/181mph

Michael Elkhouri Mazda RX7 2JZ – 8.02/170mph (Member Workshop Wars Winning Team for 2018 Series) # 1 TRUE STREET CAR – SYDNEY STREET OUTLAWS

Zoran Gajic HQ TT V8 – 7.61/186mph (#1 TRUE STREET LIST / WORK SHOP WARS WINNING TEAM 2018)

Anthony Fichera Holden Torana Twin Turbo – 7.76/186mph

2019 Debut Cars

Matt Mittiga Mazda RX2 2JZ – awaiting debut

Harry Mina (Mental Customs) BMW 2JZ – awaiting race debut