Transmissions, clutches, diffs – we install, service and modify it all at Gas Racing.

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Gas Racing can provide a specialty driveline for your project. Transmissions, diffs and clutches can all be installed and modified to suit in our Sydney workshop. Whether it is a 2JZ, rotary, Nissan RB or any other other performance application, we can do it. Gas Racing is here to help you identify where you need to beef up your street or race car for the best results.

While we can customise a solution for any power level on any make or model, here are some of our favourite upgrades.



The GF2000 transmission is used solely for clutchless applications. This transmission features more internal bearing supports than any other racing transmission on the market today. Generally, the GF2000 is used as a 5 speed, but it can also be built as a 4 speed depending upon the desired application.

The most significant advantage of the GF2000 is its strength. While the standard GF2000 is capable of handling 1,300 or more horsepower, depending upon application, it can be built to handle approximately 25-30 percent more power in the same vehicle with optional special gears. There is also a greater selection of ratios available for the GF2000. While most enthusiasts do not need this extra horsepower and ratio capability, the GF2000 makes them available for those that do. The available options for the GF2000 are REM® micropolished gears, ceramic ball bearings and air shifting.

The GF2000 clutchless 5 speed is the latest development in transmission technology. Initially built specifically for big block and /or power adder applications, this transmission has endured countless hours of research and development and an equally rigorous testing agenda.

Turbo 400

The signature Gas Racing Celica 2JZ race machine is the current world record Auto Import car using the Turbo 400. Track tested and built for hard core competition, the compact three speed can be built to withstand 2000 HP. Our results speak for themselves.
Whether behind a four-cylinder or big block, we align ourselves with the industry’s best with the expertise and parts to build you exactly what you need.

Ford C4

Option available for tough street options and round after round competition. This comp transmission has proven itself time after time and is no doubt one of the country’s most respected performance transmissions.


Diff upgrade packages for your vehicle are now available from us here at Gas Racing. Customisable with varying options to suit the individual application, talk to us today about upgrading your diff. Features include:

  • Powder coated heavy duty fabricated steel diff housing
  • 1/4in thick-wall axle tubes with billet bearing ends
  • Strange S-Case gear housing
  • H/Duty gears with your chosen ratio
  • Option of spool or Detroit True-Track LSD
  • Mark Williams 31 spline billet axles
  • H/Duty 5/8 inch wheel studs, nuts and washers
  • OEM-style rear break setup with cross drilled and slotted disc rotors and fully-reconditioned calipers
  • New H/Duty brake pads and brake lines
  • Internal hand brake assembly
  • Option of Wilwood extreme brake kit featuring larger 11.5 inch rotors, four piston street legal calipers, pads and lines.

Clutch Systems

Organic Heavy Duty

If you are looking for the best possible replacement for your OEM heavy duty clutch, then Gas Racing knows where to look with quality clutch parts and components. We offer clutch units that are made to exacting standards. Every heavy duty organic clutch kit is bench tested before despatching.
Heavy duty clutch kits common sees a 30% increase in clamping force and in most cases does not result in a firmer pedal. They are commonly seen in many slightly modified road going vehicles that see regular towing duties or occasional competition event.
Further modification to the heavy duty spec is also available resulting in 50% clamp increase over stock and is commonly requested in applications where the highest performance is required from the clutch pressure plate.

Twin Plate

Twin disc clutches dissipate heat better, important for a car that sees a lot of track time. On a street cruiser, your clutch should not be getting as hot as on a race car, so the single disc clutches will work just fine for your 300-500 horsepower street machine.

Here at Gas Racing we offer the twin disc clutch for higher horsepower applications and for performance. For cars with upwards of 500+ horsepower a twin disc clutch would be a better consideration. Not just for that additional friction material, but because it will give you more clamping force with similar pedal effort and it also helps to dissipate the heat quicker in a racing environment – especially since the engine is typically revving much higher when the clutch is functioning. Whether it’s the drag strip or the autocross, having twice the surface area ensures that you are getting a more positive engagement when the pedal is released.

When you’re pushing down on the clutch pedal, and you have several hundred horsepower waiting for you to release that clutch, a twin disc clutch can mean a few tenths of a second. Similarly the use of an aluminium flywheel (much lighter than a steel flywheel), will also assist you make horsepower quicker in a racing environment.