Precision Turbo PT6262 CEA

The Precision Turbo PT6262 CEA has been called the turbo that changed history. That might sound like an over-exaggeration, but this was the first mass-production unit to feature Precision’s groundbreaking CEA compressor wheel technology.

That allowed for some power outputs that belied its smaller size, turning the industry on its head. Expect about 705 horsepower when you have got this thing tuned and sorted – something Gas Racing would be all too happy to help you with!

CEA stands for Competition Engineered Aerodynamics – and it resulted in more efficient turbo. Precision Turbo & Engine explain the difference in this video.

Many in the forced induction world consider the PT6262 CEA ‘the holy grail’ as it delivers a balance of size, output and flexibility. This turbo can help you make unstoppable power when used on its own, or it can be doubled up to twins for a much more powerful tuning setup.

It sometimes bears the term ‘Street and Race’ alongside its product name, as the PT6262 CEA is equally suited to high performance street vehicles and race applications such as drag racing and drifting.

This turbocharger can be found at a variety of outlets, but none will provide a factory warranty and support like Gas Racing – make sure your investment in one of Precision’s great turbochargers is rewarded!

We have this turbo available for Australian delivery, with a 12 month factory warranty and technical support. Call +61296043643, email us, or use the form below to make an order inquiry, and remember our best price policy as Australia’s only authorised Precision Turbo dealer. We believe in speaking personally with our customers to ensure they are getting not just the best price, but also the right turbo for their engine.


• Exclusive CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging
• Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance
• 62mm inducer compressor wheel
• Compressor cover options:
– “E” compressor cover 3.0″ inlet/2.0″ outlet
– “Ported S” compressor cover 4.0″ inlet/2.5″ outlet
• Exclusive CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) 62mm, 76 trim turbine wheel
• Turbine housing options:
– T3 .63 or .82 A/R with 4 bolt (2.5″) discharge
– T3 .63 A/R with 5 bolt discharge (with or without wastegate hole)
– T3 .63 or .82 A/R with 3″ OD (outer diameter) V-Band discharge
– V-Band inlet .64 or .82 A/R with V-Band discharge
– T4 Tangential .58 or .68 A/R with 3 5/8″ OD (outer diameter) V-Band discharge
– T4 Divided .84 A/R with 3 5/8″ OD (outer diameter) V-Band discharge
– Mitsubishi .63 A/R
– Buick .63 A/R
– GMC Syclone/Typhoon .85 A/R
– K26 .82 A/R
* NOTE: Additional cost may apply for certain housings.
• Available with either a Hydrodynamic 360° thrust bearing system, or an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing centre housing rotating assembly (CHRA).