Concentrate on your fuel and ignition systems to have not just a high horsepower motor, but a reliable and safe one.

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Fuel Injectors

Precision Turbo and Engine Pro Injectors

Inject with the best and surpass all the rest. Run what the pros run – Precision Turbo and Engine’s ProInjectors!

Found on many of the quickest and fastest cars in the world, Precision Turbo brand fuel injectors are individually hand selected, flow checked and matched for optimum performance from your vehicle. All horsepower ratings are based upon a 90% duty cycle at 43.5 psi of fuel pressure based upon a BSFC of .50.

• Compatible with most aftermarket drivers
• No special maintenance required with methanol applications

Available in sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.

220lb/hr Siemens Deka VDO (Full Length)

These injectors sometimes referred to as 225lb/hr injectors flow 220 lbs/hr at 43.5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and more at higher PSI. These units are low-impedance and require peak and hold injector drivers or additional resistors for saturation drivers. Despite the high flow rate, they are linear and controllable at low pulse widths compared to other extreme flow injectors.

Coil Resistance: 2.27 Ohms / Low Impedance
Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI ( 300kPa ) w/Petrol: 220 lb/hr = 2433 cc/min
Offset: 0.64ms
Turn on time: 1.5ms
Turn off time: 1.3ms
Connector: Bosch EV1
Series: DEKA 4 ( DEKA IV )
Spray Pattern: 10-15 Degree Pencil Cone

Siemens part number: FI114212, 110333

  • Internal Part Number:   HP2200CL
  • Brand:   Siemens VDO
  • CC Rating:   2200cc
  • Ohms (Resistance):   Low
  • Length (o-ring to o-ring):   65mm – Full Length
  • Top O-Ring Diameter:   14mm

Fuel Pressure Regulators

Universal Bypass Regulator

A dual purpose, universal regulator for EFI or carbureted and street or strip applications. Base pressure adjustable from 3 to 20 PSI with standard spring (installed) or from 20 to 60 PSI with high pressure spring (included). Offers the full flow and rock steady fuel pressure that only a dynamic, Aeromotive bypass regulator provides.

·  Capable of regulating any fuel pump between 100 and 250 GPH.
·  Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
·  All ports are 3/8′ NPT, with one inlet and three outlets on the main body and one return port on the bottom.
·  Bypass design provides the ultimate, dynamic fuel pressure control.

Note: Requires a return line to be installed from the bottom of the regulator to the top of the tank.

Pro-Series EFI Regulator

The tuner’s choice for high horsepower EFI applications. The Pro-Series Regulator can support up to 2000hp. For engines requiring high volume, high pressure fuel
delivery the Pro-Series Boost Reference EFI Regulator is a perfect fit for serious power.

  • Adjustable base pressure from 30-60 PSI.
  • Auxiliary ports available for nitrous applications, pressure gauges and transducers.
  • References Vacuum/Boost on a 1:1 ratio. Includes two boost line adapters,
    one barbed for rubber hose, the other for AN-04 braided line. (Prevents blow-off in high boost applications)
  • Dedicated 1/8” NPT port.
  • Includes Aeromotive’s radiused tapered flare fittings:
    (3) ORB-08 and (1) ORB-10 inlet ports, two with AN-08 flare adapters.
    (1) ORB-10 return port with AN-10 flare adapter port plugs included.
  • Virtually indestructible electroless nickel-plating finish on the body with type II bright dip black anodised cap.

Fuel Pumps

Bosch 044

The popular Bosch Motorsports 044 fuel pump, as used by most international and Australian tuner shops, is quite possibly the most popular aftermarket fuel pump. Capable of providing 300 LPH free flow and 200 LPH at 5 bar (or 72.5 psi) for up to 685 BHP. In comparison, the Walbro GSS341 255 “high pressure” fuel pump can support 390 BHP Note: Values calculated at 12V, 3 bar (43.5 psi) base fuel pressure, 2 bar (29 psi) boost pressure, 1:1 fuel pressure regulator ratio. These are inline fuel pumps, we recommend they be installed between the factory (or another aftermarket) in-tank fuel pump, and the fuel rail. These may be installed in the fuel tank, but some custom fabrication will usually be required. In addition, feeding these inline pumps with another pump (in series), will boost the output of the Bosch 044 fuel pump even higher.


Walbro has released an updated version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump many people know as the 400LPH pump with the option of being E85 compatible. In overall appearance the pump dimensions are the same, for this unit to be used in E85 all electrical connections must be sealed, there for this new unit will have a build in electrical harness with a female Packard connector.

•Outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps
•Designed for engines with more than 500HP
•Award-winning OE Technology
•High- Pressure,High-flow performance
•OEM technology designed and developed for E85. All pumping components have been validated to OEM Specifications for approved use in E85/Flex fuel applications.

The conservative horsepower rating of this pump is 800hp on 12 volts and up to 950hp on 13.5 volts!

Fuel Rails

Aeroflow have developed a range of Billet EFI Performance Fuel Rails that are a direct bolt on fuel rail kit for the Toyota 2JZ-GTE. Kits are also available for RB25, RB26, RB30 and SR20. Aeroflow’s Billet EFI Performance Fuel Rails feature precision machining with heavy duty mounts for high pressure applications. The fuel rails are threaded with a -8AN ORB port and have a 16.1mm / 41/64″ size bore. Aeroflow fuel rails are double anodised and are available in blue, black, red and polished finishes.

Product Specifics:

  • Suits 14mm Top Feed Injectors
  • Dual feed, center return, rail will support over 1200HP
  • Full 16mm ID through bore
  • Fuel Rails are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Complete with o-ring seal injector to manifold adaptors